Signature Tag – Sig Tag

Welcome to our retired sig tag page! What in the world is so exciting about this, well let me just say that our new free online service allows you to generate some absolutely fantastic signature graphics!

These signatures, both animated and static, will change on the fly as internet users view them. They appear as a static jpg file, so you’ll be able to use them in forums (as with our previous signature gifs), but you’re selection is absolutely incredible!

Sig Tag

We’ll be releasing our new signature tag software this month and we are very excited about it – we’ll post the link on this page for everyone to view, so stay tuned and check back for the latest update.

These signature gifs are completely free and extremely simple to use, however, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate or offensive material.

Custom Signatures – Update

We no longer have custom signatures, visit, they do the same thing and graphics are great!