Process Manager

Viruses, spyware and a ton of other programs use processes to get your system to perform in ways that reveal your confidential information.

In fact, most people who do not use some type of process manager run a higher risk of being hacked. Ever notice your computer running slow, but your hard drive sounds like it’s spinning out of control, then wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes?

A process manager will show you exactly what program is running on your computer, a great process manager not only shows you this information, but provides details, provides options and more.

Process Management

There are a ton of process managers out there and most all of them charge you, some even trick you into buying with a low price, then stick you with maintenance fees.

You DO NOT have to pay for a process manager! In fact, many of the process managers out there are actually spin-offs of the free program called Process Explorer.Process Explorer is %100 free and is considered by many to be the very best process manager out there! It’s a totally awesome program and free for download (they even provide source code).

Process Explorer is so popular, that Microsoft commonly referenced the application, here are a few links:

Process Manager Articles by Microsoft

The following are Microsoft KB articles that refer to Process Explorer and how to use this application for diagnosing or troubleshooting problems:

For more information on this process manager, visit Sysinternals (now owned my Microsoft) and download Process Explorer.