IP Address Lookup

If you are looking for a quick way to perform an IP Address Lookup, that is, to find information about an IP address, then keep reading.

First, know that an IP address does NOT mean that the person at the computer using that IP address is the same person that you are looking for. I know, sounds confusing, but let me explain.

IP Address Information
Most people are now using wireless internet in their home, that wireless internet has a device (router) that takes all the wireless connections in the house and sends their requests to the internet using one IP address. So, you would think that at least one of the people in the house are responsible, but in fact, it could be someone outside the house!

It’s now a popular thing to look for wireless connections and surf the net using that connection, then, when someone does an IP address lookup, the home owner (or tenant) is blamed and not the person that actually used the IP address!

IP Address – Proxy
Another item concerning IP address lookup is a proxy server. There are many websites that will allow you to roam the internet using another person’s IP address – it’s called a proxy server. When you perform an IP address lookup, you’ll find information that is useless.

So, with that in mind, here are two free, very easy to use, sites that allow you to perform a IP address Lookup.

IP Address to Location

  • IP2Location.com offers a free service that will allow up to input a number of IP addresses and it will report the location, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) used and more.
  • Geobytes.com also offers the same free service. You’ll may notice different results between the two, so to be accurate, you should investigate both when doing a IP address lookup

IP Address Details – How To
Once you have the company that provided internet service to that IP address, you’ll need to contact them and request details, such as who ownes the IP address, address, etc. Be warned, ISP’s do not just give this information out and most will require a court order signed by a judge before they release such information.If you’re a real smooth talker, then you may have a chance at performing a successful IP Address Lookup containing all the key contact information – I emphasize MAY.