Free Firewall

No matter what type of computer or operating system you have, you must have some type of firewall! If you forget this part, then you’re chances are being compromised are phenomenal!

A firewall enforces security policies. It’s like having a door to your computer and locking it so only those inside can access your belongings. Note: if someone inside digs a hole to the outside (installs wireless), then the door is useless.

Harware Firewall

There are many types of firewalls, such as a hardware firewall or software firewall. That line can be blurred if you install a software firewall on a computer that is going to sit between your computer and the internet community – it now becomes a hardware firewall 🙂

I know that sounds confusing, but it’s not that bad. The average person should consider installing a hardware firewall ($35 average); this is the easiest solution and will start preventing intruders the second it’s turned on.

Software Firewall

Software firewalls are fine, but they can become very confusing when they start asking you if application x should be allowed to communicate with the internet – how are you supposed to know the answer? Say yes and you could have just given away the farm! Say no, and your application may no longer work.

Your best option, install a hardware firewall and then look for the free firewall software found on this site, install it if you like or / and, install a IPSec Policy. Also, you should shut down any unnecessary services if you know how.

Firewall Ports

When computers try to talk to other computers, they use ports. For example, we are talking (our computers) over port 80 right now. The hardware firewall blocks all ports until you initiate a request. So, most people trying to hack into your system will look for open ports, and find nothing.

This is a basic guide for the average user who doesn’t know how to shut down services, configure ports or understand the security surrounding a firewall. If you want to give it a try, then install one of the many free firewalls we have reviewed.