Take the Firewall Test

We have listed below some web security audit and firewall test services that you can use free of charge to test the strength of your firewall.

We are also working on a firewall test for this site and will attempt to include all the positive traits that are found in each one of the tests below.

If you know of a firewall test that others can use free of charge, then by all means, please post the link and corresponding description of the security audit for others to see.

Firewall Testing

Web Security Sites that have withstood the test of time (4 years) and still in operation are ranked 5. All external firewall test sites open in a new window so you can easily move to the next entry (in case you don’t have tabs).

www.auditmypc.com/firewall-test.asp (5) This is a free full blown firewall test which allows you to check all TCP and UDP ports. There are more than 65,000 ports on a computer and a good security audit must include a scan of all ports. The test at Audit My PC is extremely fast and maintains accuracy.

www .grc.com (5) GRC is a free service that will test traffic coming into your system AND traffic going out. There is a free firewall test you can use to test your security which works well too, but the leak test is Gibson’s baby.

McAfee’s McAfee (4) — This site offers a simple probe and port scan. This was a free site until it was purchased by McAfee and still is a good service, but be warned, they will push their products. Note that the last time we visited, we could not find the free scan.

Secure Me at D S L Reports (3) This is a security test but is very limited in scope. The last time we visited we received the message stating that too many scans were pending. If you want to perform a full web security audit of all the ports, you’ll have to pay. This site started off offering free services but decided to limit the security audit and charge for the full blown audit.

Sygate Online Services (2) – Gobbled up by Symantec and no longer the same great service. Once offered a number of scans that covers a wide range of popular ports and works well. Unfortunately, the last few times we attempted to use the service, it was down.

Security Audit

Note: If you are the average home internet user, then no matter where you perform your firewall test, you should NOT have any open ports! Keep in mind parents, that your children may have opened a port for gaming, so check with them first. If they didn’t mess with your firewall, then you need to dig further ASAP.