DLL Files

DLL Files

DLL Files are Dynamic Link Library files, a way of writing modular programs that can be shared among several tasks at the same time. This is in comparison to individual programs containing a copy of every module. A DLL file is often considered an essential component without which the relevant application program or device driver would not function.

Just what your particular dll files do can be a mystery, so we offer you a list of .dll, .exe, .com and other files with their associated functions, simply check out our process manager area to learn more.

.DLL Files – Security Risk

Some of .dll files can be a security risk and often include viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Adware and more. To find out if we have a description or information on your dll file, simply click on the filename or type your dll files into the search above.

Dll File – Suggestion

Do you have a dll file (or any file for that matter) added to our list? If so, simply drop us an email at dll-files at testmyfirewall.com